The Project

On 1st of October 2016, a European cooperative research project named Safe4RAIL has successfully started within the Shift2Rail H2020 Framework.

The project Safe4RAIL aims to create safety concepts for mixed-critical Ethernet-based networking as well as a mixed-criticality application framework, including the brake-by-wire concept. The project will provide recommendations for standardization and certification of next generation TCMS embedded platform.

Safe4RAIL will reinforce European competitiveness by offering fundamentally simplified electronic and train control and monitoring architectures required for the optimization of railway systems. The outcomes refer to the reduction of the number of on-board computing devices, improved reliability, shortening the integration and (re)commissioning times and thus life-cycle cost reduction, as well as the ability to implement the SIL4 functions in TCMS.

Eletech is one of the eleven European partners of the project funded by the European community and works closely with leading companies in the field of management, research, design and certification.


Download the Brochure:

Brochure Safe4Rail



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