Electronic R&D

odm Ricerca e sviluppo elettronica

Research and Development for OEM customers, continuous innovation, technological developments, Eco-design, industrialisation, technical assistance.

We handle every phase of the product life cycle including feasibility studies, executive designing, transfer of electronic cards into production and complete products.

Continuous investments in research for electronic technological platforms (digital, analog, control, measurement, power and communication) aimed at satisfying the most challenging product specifications and production processes.

Our development processes are certified according to industry standards (IRIS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485) including applications with functional safety requirements (SIL).

The products and systems designed and supplied by Elemaster are aimed at completely meeting any technical requirements and achieving the most challenging cost and reliability goals.

Our designing and laboratory testing services are geared towards all application professional sectors including transportation, medical, industrial automation, energy and defence.

The Elemaster group provides a completely dedicated team for each project from project managers to highly expert designers to manage each phase of the development programme, certification and release into production.

Technical assistance, the technological transfer of projects and products to our Customers is a key element for developing a long-term relationship. Management of the life cycle of professional electronic products is performed by a specific team for aftersales assistance, personnel training for installation and updating of products over time with corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

Our Engineering services

  • Applied research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of turnkey solutions
  • Ecodesign
  • Designing with SIL functional safety
  • ATEX designing
  • Hardware designing
  • Software designing
  • Mechanical designing
  • Designing and development of equipment for acceptance testing
  • Technical assistance

Our engineering services

  • Tests for CE certification (EMC/EMI/RFI)
  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) reliability tests
  • Electric field exposure tests (Human Exposure Measurements)
  • Safety tests
  • Weather tests
  • IP tests
  • Shock and vibration tests
  • X-ray inspection
  • Thermography

If you are looking for value and guarantees for developing and manufacturing your products, Elemaster Group’s OEM design services will fully meet your needs

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