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Elemaster Group stands out in the competitive scenario as company specialised in designing and developing electronic technologies, for command, control and regulation equipment through designing, engineering and manufacturing services (ODM/EMS), integrated with the creation of custom components and PCB manufacturing...




Our History

Elemaster Group has a history which can be told using two different, but complementary, facets.

The history of Elemaster Group’s events, from 1978 an exponential growth in turnover and – even more importantly – an estimate of additional growth thanks to the expansion of its presence throughout the world (Europe, USA, India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Russia). An EMS Group in major expansion, believes in the future because the future believes in it.

A history of a passion and search for details. Our history is not just based on numbers: it is a history experienced in daily relationships with Customers, in a climate of esteem and confidence that grows the more we work side by side.

A resolute search for perfection, the ability to support and even anticipate customers’ needs, the most modern technologies applied in all phases of the processes which generate our EMS services. All of this is measurable, visible and evident to all Elemaster Group Customers, not only in terms of tangible objectivity, but also from a sensation of reliability, due to the fact that every day we manage to demonstrate our competitiveness, flexibility and our speed in reacting in real time to needs (which change quickly in a constantly evolving market). Our number one job is to make our customers feel secure, whether they are: small companies with all of their energy and desire to lead the pack, to the biggest industrial groups in the world who want all the right answers.

Become part of our history

Here is the door: you’ll find a partner you knows just what you need, what is really important for you; a partner who is ready to guarantee a future and success for your projects. We’re ready, all you need to do is click to contact us.

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