EMS - Box built and integrated solutions

EMS Servizi Integrati

A finished Product

This is the ultimate goal which Elemaster Group lets you obtain.

We can be one of the partners in each component of the design and manufacturing chain, but if the Customer’s needs require it we can also assemble and even package and ship the finished product no matter where its final destination is.

An increasing number of our Customers rely on our team to help “give birth” to new products, which are “delivered” in our manufacturing centres, to then be tested and certified. This means Customers can focus their attention and resources on core activities to develop their market and business and let Elemaster Group take care of the rest.

Our EMS group constantly researches innovative solutions for components, production processes oriented to the lean manufacturing approach and electronic and mechanical integration solutions (Box-built) including through the most important international partner companies.

Do you want everything and want it now with maximum assurance and efficiency?

Your answer is Elemaster Group.

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