Our Business

The business sectors of Elemaster Group’s electronic and service applications continue to grow as do the ideas of our Customers, to meet needs which range from Energy to Transportation (land, air and space), from Medical to Industrial Automation and from Domotics to Security.

Our partnership offer includes services which run the gamut from Research and Development to production of electronic cards, equipment and complete products.Our industrial processes are aimed at all OEM customers who want excellence during the entire life cycle of their product.

There are constant changes in demand and market needs, and our organisation is continuously evolving and adapting: some people call these things “challenges”, at Elemaster Group we call them “opportunities”. The evolution in the field of professional electronic applications to include functional safety, means Elemaster Group has been able to guarantee that the applications always work, in every situation and in any stress conditions. Other solutions allow very high efficiency, energy savings (reducing environmental impact to a minimum across the board using Ecodesign), important not just in terms of ecology (one of the main values of Elemaster Group) but also thanks to savings in costs and reduction of equipment assistance and maintenance operations, for equipment which needs to operate without stopping for decades.

These are just examples, we are ready to provide outsourced research design and manufacturing activity including in the fields of biotechnologies, renewable energy sources (conversion and storage) and development of hybrid vehicles. We are inspired by contributing to “build” (and design together with our customers) a better, cleaner and more efficient future for all humans, their health and well-being. And this is the force that drives us to improve and better ourselves, every day.

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