Social Policy

The "Corporate Social Responsibility" has always been a theme to which Elemaster Group has paid special attention and resources. The Group is engaged in many initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment and cooperating with non-profit organizations located within the territory in which it operates .

The top management of Elemaster Group claims that the company creates value when it directs its actions towards the goal of sustainability, when it is able to give continuity to its operations over time pursuing a development that reconciles economic, social and environmental aspects.

Elemaster promotes Corporate Social Responsibility as a synonym for creativity which tends to multiply the solutions called "socio-competitive synthesis", those innovations that allow to meet the expectations of different stakeholder, over what is required by law, while helping to support business performanc : good examples are the " Casa Amica " and the " Campus Point” projects.

  • "Casa Amica" is a social cooperative whose purpose is to engage persons with disabilities through work activities that allow them to develop the individual abilities. Elemaster Group has worked actively to the restart of " Casa Amica " by allocate to the cooperative the coating of electronic boards that will be used in equipment related to high-tech sectors . The project " Casa Amica " exceeds the classic paradigm of the company that give a financial contribution to the association: in this case we wanted to establish a lasting relationship aimed to the value generation for both the company and for the non- profit cooperative.
  • "Campus Point" is a research incubator born thanks to the collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and the companies operating in that area. This technology center guest many laboratories in which is possible to verify the sustainability of the projects developed by universities, fueling continuous innovation of products and processes, which is essential to be competitive in a complex and global market.

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