Group Financial Results


The development strategy of Elemaster Group over the last ten years has led to excellent results in economic terms. The trend of the main economic and financial indicators is consistently positive, despite the period has been marked by events that have had serious repercussions on the world economy and in particular on the electronics industry.

Turnover in milions of Euro


Since 2006, revenues grew at an annual growth rate of about 7%, despite the impact of the crisis of 2008 /2009.

The Elemaster Group was marked throughout its existence for a very low use of debt loan. The index that confirms the solidity of Elemaster Group is the degree of interest-bearing debt whose performance demonstrates the Group's ability to obtain additional financing in the short term. Elemaster Group has always paid great attention to this aspect, which is crucial for a company operating in a highly competitive and sensitive to economic cycles sectors, preferring to finance growth through research in operational efficiency and the associated reduction in costs rather than resorting to debt capital.

Elemaster Group was able to achieve this results by maintaining its competitive position in the market, focusing on market niches characterized by small/medium lots, high technological levels and high customization of products. In parallel, the Group has embarked on a path of sustainable development that has been finalized through partnerships in the most growing markets, which have strengthened the position on international markets, and a policy to increase efficiency in the manufacturing activity.

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