The current competitive environment characterized by uncertainty, discontinuity and global competition ask to manufacturing companies for a new value proposition.

This strategy can be defined as then offer of a range of integrated services with high value-added generated by the research and development related both to the product and production processes, and support to customers directly in the markets in which they operate.

Today it has become a must for companies who are competing in the global market, to focus their expertise in niche markets with high technological content where the key points are the human capital and innovation. Elemaster Group was able to capture the evolutionary trends in place at local and global level by applying a business model that has enabled the company to occupy the first places in Europe in the field of reference.

Elemaster Group is today a leading international player in the Original Design Manufacturing and Electronic Manufacturing Services: in the design and production of electronic equipment with high technological content.

The experience gained in 35 years of activity has allowed Elemaster Group to expand the range of services offered to its clients up to oversee the entire production process from design to industrialization and certification of electronic equipment to the electro-mechanical integration, logistics and after-sales service.

Today Elemaster is on the market as a “one-stop shop” for its customers who are the major global players in the high-tech sectors such as railways, avionics, medical, automotive , industrial and energy sectors.

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