Elemaster Group is one of the leaders at European level in the field of Electronic Manufacturing Service and Original Design Manufacturing. The Group Headquarters are located in Lomagna, about 30 km from Milan, in an area considered the beating heart of the Italian manufacturing industry.

The experience consolidated over the decades has allowed Elemaster Group to expand the range of services offered to its customers. From the integration process of its services offer, up to the management of the entire production process, resulted the creation of four complementary companies:

  • Eletech: provides design services integrated or modular depending on customer requirements, tailor-made design, requirements analysis, planning, development and validation of electronic devices.
  • Elemaster: dedicated to the assembly of electronic boards and equipments thanks to THT and SMT lines at its disposal. A modular structure organized in work-cell dedicated to customers for the stages of testing and mechanical integration in order to ensure maximum specialization of employees. Traditional services are today integrated with the box -built, logistics and after-sales service ensuring the highest standards of quality at each stage of the production process.
  • Eleprint: provides layout design services for PCB, engineering and photoplotting of Gerber files, as well as prototyping, pre-production or production of large volumes of printed circuit boards.
  • Eurosystems (located in Potenza): represents the response of Elemaster Group to requests for production of medium/high volumes of electronic boards and systems thanks to a production process fully automated and integrated.
  • CAD-UL: Innovative EMS specialist from Germany CAD-UL, headquartered in Ulm, southern Germany, is an EMS specialist for the customer-specific development, design and production of electronic boards. Its main customers are from the sectors of avionics and space, railways, defense, industrial automation, medical, telecommunications, scientific technologies and automotive.
    The company with about 40 employees accompanies electronics projects from the initial idea to serial manufacturing. In addition to several international customers, the core market of our new partner is Germany.


  • Original Design Manufacturing
  • PCB production
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Mechatronic product

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