Global Footprint

No matter where you are, no matter what the size or complexity of your company, Elemaster Group’s team of experts will work with you to ensure the success of your projects.


In our global and digital world, a physical ranking is becoming less and less important: you just need email, a video conference call or a mobile phone and you can be in touch with the whole world. It is wonderful to create contacts and joint projects in real time, and digital communication media lets us analyse and act on any issue just as if we were working side by side.

However, in the industrial sphere this is not always enough. Our motto is “We are Where you Are”, which correctly interprets our philosophy, we are solid individuals – engineering run through are veins, after all! - we wanted to make this approach effective. Our partnership EMS activity with Customers requires us to “really” be where our Customers are selling and manufacturing products and services, so our “physical” presence is expanding to all continents. We are proud to be from Italy, combining the creative tradition of this land with the precision and search for technical excellency. We have extended our presence with development and production centres in Europe, Tunisia, India, China and the USA, already planned new sites in Brazil, South Africa and Russia and representation and sales support offices everywhere.

We are with you, in real time, at any time with “digital” cooperation systems, but also with a “real” presence. Because this is what Customers have asked us for: they wanted to have us close by, to manufacture, reduce costs, have a strong and lasting relationship, to develop effective business and have the security of always having a partner present who they can rely on. We are where you a fact, not just words!

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